Network Penetration Testing -Ethical hacking to identify security vulnerabilities in applications and systems

Network penetration testing is used by organizations to evaluate the susceptibility of information systems to network attacks. By identifying and actually exploiting the weaknesses found in networks, hosts, and devices, penetration testing goes beyond simple vulnerability assessment. Rather than providing a lengthy list of issues an organization may or may not choose to address, network penetration testing helps enterprises grasp the real level of risk posed by specific vulnerabilities.

Presenting companies with a detailed vulnerability report and recommendations for improvement, network penetration testing enables IT departments to validate existing security controls and meet security compliance requirements while allowing managers to better prioritize investment for remediation efforts.

Reconnaissance: Gathering information about the target and mapping the network topology and its hosts and operating systems as well as firewalls and other network security tools.

Network Penetration Testing is one of the many services offered by TopCertifier, the global consulting and certification solutions provider. Poland is an emerging economy of the world. Network Penetration Testing is largely mandated across various industries and sectors. We deliver Network Penetration Testing certification services to all major locations in Poland, including Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk etc.

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