NIST- National Institute Of Standard And Technology

NIST certification indicates that a product has been tested against a NIST SRM and meets the product's exacting requirements. Timers, calibration weights, sound level meters, tachometers, electrical multimeters, thermometers, clocks, pressure gauges, anemometers, pH meters, micrometers, and light meters are just a few examples of NIST certified products. Essentially, most products that measure something have an equivalent NIST SRM that a manufacturer can compare the product to ensure it is operating within acceptable parameters. Once the item has been tested, it is sold with a NIST certificate that includes an expiration date to inform the end-user when the item needs to be recalibrated or retested.

NIST Certification in Poland ensures that the product you receive has been thoroughly tested before you receive it to ensure its accuracy. The NIST calibration service is specifically designed to assist manufacturers and users of precision instruments in achieving the highest possible levels of measurement quality and productivity.

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