SFDA - Saudi Food and Drug Authority

SFDA stands for Saudi Food and Drug Authority, the main purpose of the SFDA is to regulate, oversee, and control food, drugs, medical devices, and to set mandatory standard specifications, and through this, it can be verified as imported or locally manufactured. The control and testing activities can be conducted in the SFDA or other agency's laboratories. However, the SFDA is in charge of consumers’ awareness on all particulars related to food, drug, medical devices, and all other products and supplies.

Overall, SFDA is in charge of the food safety, security, and effectiveness of medical devices. And it also ensures their accuracy and supervises manufacturing facilities, as well as overseeing the importation and registration of these products.

The main objectives of SFDA are:

It ensures the accuracy and safety of medical devices.

It controls and supervises licensed procedures for food, drugs, and medical devices.

It distributes and exchanges information with local and international scientific and legal agencies, by setting up a database for food and drug.

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